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Website Design

A Virtual Perspective

The revolutionised world today digitalised corporate businesses almost on the whole. The website is considered one’s virtual identity regardless being an individual or a business thus, owning a refined yet decent website that is developed ideally is as important as owning a place to construct your house to live in, your website is a virtual house on the streets of the internet. At SEO Gulf we make sure to construct your virtual house making it easier for you to promote and make a living in the digital world. Thus, our offers are flexible which provide an infinite reach that assists you in developing and deploying your business constantly omitting the obstacles.


“An amazing design alone is not enough by presenting a user-friendly design, you need to provide the user with a great experience.”
~ Jeffrey Zeldman

Aims & their Analysis

The initial stage of analysis is where the designer identifies and finalises the aim of the website design with the stakeholders’ consent. Those who are at the top of the hierarchy of the development team analyse every aspect of the required market mutually.

The ‘roadmap’ is used as a key to the project, delivering an approach to conducting the product’s operational and functional website. The development of a roadmap is the most important stage is of a web development process. The roadmap is understood by everybody in briefly in the hierarchy or the entire project can take a different route.

Brainstorming various aims boosts productivity in less time or a summary of the expected aims is also enough for efficiency. After the map is studied by every team member in the hierarchy, the aesthetics and the development strategies are planned out who aim to drive traffic on to the website.

Sitemap & Design Concept

A design concept elaborates the architectural modules of the product including its communication and data flow representation with the internal modules. The sitemap provides the foundation for the website giving the web designers an ideology of the website’s character and its architecture which is translated through a sitemap.

A sitemap covers the web-flow, laying out a sensible catalogue. It also explains the connections wired between the various pages and content elements betwixt front-end and the back-end. Majorly, this approach turns out well when various design inspirations build a mock-up for a wireframe.

Wireframes assure the framework for storing the site’s content elements including the visual designs, this helps in identifying latent obstacles and bugs using the sitemap. However, a wireframe isn’t the final design element but does act as a guide for how the site will ultimately look thus, it acts as an inspiration for the formatting of various elements.

Content Implementation

Content drives the visitor to engage and stay on the website, it ‘s accelerated by the quality of the content. Irrelevant and lengthy paragraphs without images make it feel like phone directory from the early 2000s! However, relevant and engaging content pursues gets the views and the clicks.

Chunking down the content by breaking it up into short paragraphs can help it be in the spotlight, content also boosts the site’s visibility for search engines. Practicing for the inclination of the content religiously, get ahead in the search results is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Reviewing your keywords is essential for the success of a website as search engines are becoming more intelligent hence, the content strategies must too. Usually, the client will predict the content but the developer must supply him with technical guidance on what keywords and phrases are and they must be added in the text, accordingly.

Visuals & Testing

The visual style for the site is often shaped by branding elements, colour choices, and logos, that are consented by the client. At this stage of the web design process, a web designer is a protagonist handling the images and development which take on a higher significant role in web design.

High-quality images give a website an engaging feel alongside communicating a mobile-friendly message. Visual content increases engagement, generating revenue however, visitors usually want to see images on a website. Once the site has all its visuals and contentuploaded, the website is updated and handed over to the testing team.

The quality assurance team tests each page to make sure all elements are functional and the website is loading properly on the required devices and browsers. Errors can occur but should not stop the functioning of the website, fixing them is progressing, deploying a shattered site is not convenient.

Deployment & Maintenance

The designed website is deployed after going thoroughly through the testing phase with mutual consent, it’s officially time to launch. However, this is not assured that everything will go according to plan. There may be some minor bolts that may need fastening. As web design is a fluid and ongoing process thus, requires constant maintenance.

Web development is all about the equilibrium between the form and its function. Making sure to keep the website updated with the perfect trendy fonts, colours, and design alterations. However, the way visitors may navigate and experience the functionality of your site may form a different perspective.

Designers are able to create a site that treks on functionality! Recalling the launch stage is beneficial as final modifications can often cause a chain effect. Once the site goes live, it should be analysed and updated occasionally which may include the theme, images and its content update.


Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce)

At SEO Gulf, we provide you with the perfect platform that inclines your business’s success by giving it identity and promotion in the virtual universe of commercial businesses. Electronic Commerce usually known as E-Commerce is the route to doing business in the digital world, it pursues an entrepreneur to adopt an inquisitive character.

Website Redesigning

A creative and engaging website needs occasional updates as this may keep the engaging chart spiking as portrayed by the visitors thus, increasing constructive expectations. SEO Gulf makes sure your website delivers at its full capability with creativity and aesthetics being informative leaving your identity engraved in the visitor’s mind.

Website Maintenance

Maintenance of the deployed website is a predominant role during the development, for a web service provider. SEO Gulf steps in playing an auxiliary role with the dedication of granting assurity of your deployed website which will be having all the updates and the functionality it was meant to deliver during its stage of creation.


Here are a few of our key competencies at a glance. We’ve managed to get the following sites to rank exceptionally well. We don’t want to come off as a name who’s trying to brag, scroll through our masterpieces to witness the transparency yourself.

BEUTAT Real Estate & Housing KSA

Social Media Marketing

ETCON Social Media Team is providing Social Media Awareness campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google + for one of the leading Real Estate Developers of Saudi Arabia.

  • PARTNER: Prime Contractor
  • TECH:Page Setups, Postings, Post Calendar, Analytics, PPC
  • TOOLS:Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn


Online Shopping Website

Development of a shopping storefront website of fashion products. The website allows the users to register on your website and shop online using PayPal account or Credit Cards.

  • PARTNER:Prime Contractor
  • TECH:Development, Testing, Deployment
  • TOOLS:PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript


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