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Creative Branding

What is ‘Branding’?

Digital branding is the expression which is superintended for the various procedures which focus on how to draw the customers online to a certain business. Digital branding is a branch of the marketing tree that includes the leaves of online advertising, content marketing, search engine optimisation ( SEO ), social media marketing together with influencer marketing. Being a business, the inauguration of a brand is the key to triumph. In rapidly expanding epoch of online automation, indulging in the promotion and enhancing the tactics of the brand online, allows the inclination of the business growth and its network.


Team Construction: Examination, Development & Execution

Managing a business online even if an individual is a full-stack digital marketer, can be overwhelming. Constructing a team is the perfect proposal for the business and its success as a hierarchy is taken into consideration, where different minds ignite their thought processes breeding motives and ideas. While constructing a team that is superintending and dedicated, the following mesh should be considered;


At this stage, the hierarchy is triggered, each leaf in the digital branding branch carries out its photosynthesis. Here, the marketing fundamentalists sketch out a plan with the managers which assemble a strategy map for the ones lower in the hierarchy which may include developers, writers, designers and email marketers. The managers then assure the build compilations, updating the director(s).


This is the last phase of the hierarchy where the director(s) decide what to do with the product in hand. The director(s) plan out a road map of how to reach the people in general. They may execute their planning on their own, digitally or may have their external digital affiliations making the product reach the general population, making sure to aware them about the trend of the product.

Conducting a Business Analysis

Conducting a business analysis involves planning out what the strategy should be. Breaking down the requirements provided, into minor chunks, this produces various tasks for the entire hierarchy. Tasks vary from each other which may need a specific skill and time, individually, this includes a major role of the managers who are often responsible for assigning the designated task(s) to the valid personnel. The analysis may include studying a competitor online, thus allowing to examine different perspectives too.

Secondly, for a manager, setting a destination goal for the roadmap sketched out for a business plan, is important as this can cause a hassle while task distribution. When a goal is set, the coursework can be designed accordingly, whether it is for the developer(s), designer(s), writer(s) and the list goes on lower the team hierarchy hence, a manager is a vital one in the arsenal. A manager has to make sure that the roadmap designed should be clear and should not have any sort of omissions even at the least portion of the distribution, this breeds an utter exhibition.

Perfect business analysis has a map which may include gathering background information which involves homework relating to the project in vigour and its future arrangements alongside confirming the audacity of the ones willing to work on it. Identifying the stakeholders is another step in the analysis where a hierarchy collocation is verified afterwards to whom the business objectives are remitted. Although, evaluating and brainstorming narrows down the precision width assuring a business critic’s delivery plan who has defined project drifts to the director(s) of the owner(s), beforehand.

Conducting an Audience Analysis

In the physical world, brainstorming and rationalising your production or speech requires a thorough awareness of your audience and the factors that may inspire the particular audience. In the virtual world of the internet, communication and delivery require an ‘audience analysis’ too hence, the marketing strategy ought to have the relevant content for the targeted audience.

All superior marketers consider the demographic characteristics approach, for influencing their audience. However, it is a primary component of preparing for your speech. Demographics is a consideration of generalised community-based elements including age, race, and gender.

Demographic data is related to socio-economic intelligence expressed arithmetically including education, employment and the income, marriage rate charts, death and birth rates and the demands related to necessities and luxuries. The demographic data may often involve the promotion of the current crisis being faced internationally or regionally, for instance, the COVID19 pandemic.

Majorly, audience analysis is identified as a speech while in the digital world audience analysis can be expressed as digital pitches and engaging content including videos, blogs, social media posts etc. However, the creators have to make sure that the content generation is relevant to the demographics delivered to them. Disengaging content would not be inclined enough for a fecund delivery thus, the viewer or the reader will skip it to the last part.

Constructing Brand Positioning

Constructing brand positioning involves strategies that are majorly related to customers. Examining the targeted customer is the origin for where the construction of a brand positioning however if the analysation is not prudent the structure for the brand positioning will be a lost cause. The analysation may include the brand’s vision, its core values and how does it stand out in the market amongst its competitors, usually online.

Conducting in-depth competitor research may also aid the uprising brand as the rookie brand can only use a textbook perspective. Focusing on the competitor is selling its brands and what the tactics the competitor is using which allows him to promote further. The research and examinations should include market researches where the sales team role their sleeves up alongside using customer researches and social media examinations.

The vital point here is to make sure that every person in the hierarchy is well-aware of the brand and its features. Figuring out what are the key(s) that unlock the uniqueness of the brand are requisite for inclination and promotion of the brand’s product.

A responsible team manager should make sure to embrace the feedbacks of the employees who face the customer(s) as the customer-facing employees have seen it firsthand how the customer reacts to the brand and its product and how satisfied the customer is. Customer-facing employees are the ones to whom the customers may approach with a carp regarding the product thus, allowing more room for improvement.

Constructing consistent messaging and visuals

The visuals of a website or a social media handle and its messaging extension for a brand plays its part in the overall branding process. The visual and verbal components are the ones that deliver brand its products attracting and convincing the viewer to engage with the brand. Even the verbal elements include the vision and mission statements with a minor funk including the name of the brand and its tagline.

The visuals include logos, gifs, images, colours, shape and the list goes on this gives a vibe to the website and inclines the possibilities of engagement. Nowadays, virtual presence is a necessity the presence online should be attractive enough that is pursues the visitor to engage with business on the reel. The appointed designers should binge on creativity this allows them to add their personal experience touches too resulting in an artwork.

The appointed camera crew should make sure to utilise their skills to the highest extent of dedication this is breed a creative yet attractive photographic album which can be showcased online too on the website. The collaboration of the designers with the camera crew allows the team to produce the artwork that attracts the user alongside enhancing the theme of the business website thus, creativity isn’t a disgrace in any aspect!

The appointed developers should make sure the website is live for visitors to explore. They should also make sure that the website is developed with a messenger of its own, often websites add an Artificially Intelligent chatbot that delivers automated replies at an instant whenever the visitor asks for or compliments.

Launching and evaluating the brand

Lining up the brand and its product(s) for implementation according to the brand positioning is not as tough as convincing the public organisations to buy the brand culture and promote it further. This stage prioritises the earlier stages as it is vital to construct a build that is collaborative, inviting all branches of the organisation to participate in the pitches. Once the brand is launched, the focus now needs to shift from construction to maintenance of the brand focusing on every corner of the design regarding visuals and functionality.

An organisation fails to follow up on their creation and ghost it in the future, according to them it isn’t worthy of investing time and effort anymore. This approach and mindset can be devastating for the organisation as it leaves an inferior impression of the firm in the eyes of the generalised population. However, an ideal organisation appoints a dedicated team for the future updates and flavours of the brand created who make sure that the task(s) assigned to them are delivered accordingly, with a thorough analysis of the product developed.

Launches may include a ceremony for a specific brand hence, the location and the event planning should also be relevant. Spending higher revenues on the brand commune that a firm isn’t assured 5 of can be a risk for the organisation itself as the capital could have been utilised for a better yet impacting approach. Upon launch, the organisation should shift down to inspection and distribution instead of celebration this allows room for further improvement in the current build which may require some sort of investment.


“Beauty captures the gaze whereas, ugliness generates a push. Your brand deserves beauty and we are here to bestow it with the same.”
~ Dr Robert Heckendorn

Logo Design

Designers at SEO Gulf binge on creativity thus producing imaginational content which elaborates the nature of our business map, as they are created based on the client’s requirements and recommendations. Our clients are our priority, the terms and regulations are revised mutually concluding.

Social Media Design

Every business needs to have recognition online in some form for people to remember. All business modules need to have an engaging social presence online becoming a focus for the customers regardless of being a part of online marketing. A business aims to succeed thus, social media presence is an effective way to boost the promotion.

Banner Design

At SEO GULF, designers construct banners with an attractive yet minimal trend. Regardless of the banner format, our skilled personnel are inclined to produce relevant enhancements coping with aesthetics. Designers consult online language assistance services while constructing banners of all aspects thus, delivering language sense.

Brand Identity Design

Designers breed brand identities that leave a lasting impression which transcends time. All the elements incorporated for the brand’s identity are relevant having logical coordinates. A conceptual minimal design works that it leaves a static impression on the one who utilises the services availing the recognition.

Print Design

Individuals at SEO Gulf brainstorm starting by identifying the requirements making the process rigorous which involves exploring and examining the conceptual ideas according to the trend. Thus, making printable designs superior to competitors. Uplifting the business focusing in on a unique and trendy print.

Content Writing

Your brand reckons a delivery amongst the elite forms of delivery is the text. The textual content is vital as it delivers the impressions explicitly, including forms of blogs, article and many more. Content writing is the production of textual content related to the service(s) of a business allows unbiased judgement.

Video Production

Our camera crews consist of dedicated producers who enjoy their work assuring quality production. As videos are a perfect way to analyse the services. Our professionals make sure that the videos are comprehensive that grasp web-platform videos too which are engaging hence, videos on a website will pursue the visitor to engage in the offers and services provided.


Here are a few of our key competencies at a glance. We’ve managed to get the following sites to rank exceptionally well. We don’t want to come off as a name who’s trying to brag, scroll through our masterpieces to witness the transparency yourself.

BEUTAT Real Estate & Housing KSA

Social Media Marketing

ETCON Social Media Team is providing Social Media Awareness campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google + for one of the leading Real Estate Developers of Saudi Arabia.

  • PARTNER: Prime Contractor
  • TECH:Page Setups, Postings, Post Calendar, Analytics, PPC
  • TOOLS:Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn


Online Shopping Website

Development of a shopping storefront website of fashion products. The website allows the users to register on your website and shop online using PayPal account or Credit Cards.

  • PARTNER:Prime Contractor
  • TECH:Development, Testing, Deployment
  • TOOLS:PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript


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