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Smart Social Media Marketing Practices That Don’t Break The Bank

When entering the realm of social media, businesses ought to embrace a challenge. 9 out of 10 businesses in the US use social media for marketing. Such popularity turns the social networking platform into a global market that has modified its meaning for companies and customers.

But businesses embracing social media have a hard time at the start. 20% of them die down before completing their first year. Even if they pass the first year, 50% start dwindling within five years. For businesses, marketing on social media isn’t just about surviving the competition; it’s about using the right strategies even without any financial investment. However, if you’re going to run a small business and still want to keep your budget on track, you still need a robust set of marketing strategies that work well.

So, you’ll be investing in more knowledge and time instead of money. And this article will guide you exactly how you can use social media strategies the right way without pouring in a lump sum.


1. Note The Mentions

One way of achieving visibility and authority for your brand or business site is to see if you have any mentions. Whatever platform you’re using will have you notified if someone mentions you. So, whenever someone praises your services or asks a question, here are a few things you can do:

  • Take a snapshot and share it across all your social media channels so to increase awareness.
  • Ask for a link for the mention from the author if you’re mentioned in some blog published on social media.
  • Go for mention-for-mention technique. You tag someone in your post and use their response mentioning you.


2. Develop Mutual Partnerships

Another best way for free-yet-impactful exposure is to form a partnership with a business that complements yours. This strategy will help you both exchange the chances to grow without hurting each other’s services. For example, if you’re running a publishing house, you can partner with a marketing agency to promote your services.

As you recommend your clients to your partner service, your clients will entrust your referral. They’ll get clients and will promote your publications, hence giving you exposure. Here, word of mouth will propagate far, providing you an online reputation.


3. Share The Lessons You Learned

The place where you stand is because of the experience and lessons you gained during your journey. The lessons you learned matter, which is why they can be of importance to others. On your social media, maintain a casual tone and share the challenges, struggles, failures, successes, and risks in multiple media formats.

If someone asks a question, guide them. If anyone asks questions related to your business and industry, share the insights you’ve gathered from your experience. If someone is feeling stuck, help them out. As you keep engaging with the community, you will be able to show a soft yet strong side of your business.


4. Organize Contests And Giveaways

People on social media love contests. It’s an absolute no-harm way to get the attention of your audience. Organize a contest in such a way that you create awareness of your services and products without losing the edge. It could be a cash prize, a tech gadget, a new product or a free service. You can also create an affiliate marketing campaign to make sure your fans are turned into active advocates.

If and whenever your budget allows, run a day-long ad campaign about the contest to spread the word, so more and more people come to know of your service and join the competition.


5. Retarget Old Customers

Commonly, businesses are inclined to targeting new prospects to increase their customer base size. However, the secret to building a strong presence lies not in finding the new ones but in reselling to the old ones. The new audience might bring new experiences, but retargeting the past customers adds to your brand loyalty.

Once the best way is to engage continually with the audience though niche-related groups, learn what they want and how you can provide it. Your customers can give insights on how you can take your social media marketing game further.


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