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Five Cost-Free SEO Tools Webmasters Should Leverage

Seemingly, anything which comes for free turns exceptionally well especially when the cost-free thing places you high in the search rankings, generates wealth, and validates your credibility.

Luckily, the internet today is full of cost-free tools for SEO. Though there are zillions of tools for SEO on the internet, a significant drawback is that even from a heap of them, most of them are straight off junk.

So let’s take a super quick glance at the top five cost-free SEO tools which are robust, reliable, efficient, and all things best.


1.  Google Analytics

Google Analytics has to be a critical tool for digital marketers as it makes for the top-notch source that provides top-quality comprehensive data. In a world where all the search engines have ceded power to Google, it turns nearly impossible to work without it.

Apparently, other SEO tools also benefit from Google’s preexisting data leveraging the API. Moreover, Google Analytics works exceptionally well in extracting critical data about site visitors and traffic, which consequently helps in driving high-converting traffic.


2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console has to be the second most critical thing an online marketer leverages to rank higher in the searches. The chief focus of this former webmaster tool is to amplify optimization. SEO executives and marketers should have an eye on the dashboard on a day to day basis to get the most out of it.

Though GSC offers the same data as Analytics, the format of GSC’s data is streamlined, straightforward, and super accessible.

Moreover, if you’ve ever been charged with a Google manual penalty, or if you regularly disclaim spam links, you’ll get familiar with Google Search Console in real-time. Staying posted with malicious backlinks is a pivotal precautionary move one can make here.

Apart from all, GSC is vital to track search optimization, and more online marketers are advised to incorporate the tool to their SEO strategies to come up with a workable SEO plan.


3. Ubersuggest

Wish to supercharge your SEO strategy? Ubersuggest a comprehensive SEO tool could be the right tool to uplift your rankings in the search algorithms. The SEO tool keeps marketers posted on their opponent’s move in crafting a winning SEO strategy to outperform their competitors.

The tool is far more straightforward than other SEO tools that allow users to gain direct access to the report for their preferred domain or keyword. Ubersuggest is an excellent substitute for Google Keyword Planner. All in all, Ubersuggest allows its users to craft content that’s meant to rank.


4. MozBar

MozBar helps you explore the right stuff in a jiffy. The SEO tool is all the rage among webmasters for offering multiple kinds of Software as a Service (SaaS) that helps them win higher search rankings.

The MozBar button shows in the upper right corner in the browser toolbar, the place where all the things start to happen. Press the MozBar icon, and an instant report is generated on the site you’re visiting.

For those marketers who have subscribed to MozBar must have benefitted from its real power. Undeniably, this SEO tool is the best bang for a marketer’s buck. But in case you’re still struggling with funding shortfalls, the ones at Moz take the trouble of providing a sound version of the tool at absolutely no cost.

The tool lets webmasters have an actionable SEO-friendly backlink portfolio which comes in handy while identifying backlinks with higher spam scores. Also, Moz is an invaluable SEO tool for marketers and SEOs to help them catch sight of their competitor’s backlinks to assist them in using these backlinks to their benefit.

Though the tool offers plenty of vital features that helps with SEO a lot. However, the app also runs a premium program with upgraded features and even more extras, which is priced at $99 for a month.


5. Woorank

Woorank – your not-so-conventional SEO tool!

The tool is a convenient website analyzer that offers valuable insights to help SEOs improve their site’s visibility.

It outlines the concealed stuff, inspects it, gives the SEO score, and finally generates an executable Marketing checklist to follow to overcome the shortcomings of your SEO strategy.

The tool also promotes social shareability of the stats and figures curated. The shareable info includes the number of likes received, comments, shares, and backlinks on the most frequently used social platforms.

Besides being entirely cost-free, Woorank involves another super helpful mobile optimization section where it demonstrates how the site pages display on mobile devices and what’s the average page-loading time of the site.


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