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8 Tips On Writing A Killer Converting Email Marketing Copy

There are times when writing email marketing copies don’t receive the conversions they deserve.

It’s terrible news.

A solid email marketing strategy is a concoction of both science and art. Using both properly helps understand the creative process of creating a compelling email.

But let’s not stress much. We’ll guide you through to discover the secrets of improving email conversions to get more leads and sales.

Without further ado, let’s begin:


1. Write A Subject Line That Sells Instantly

No matter how excellent your email is, it would go to trash if it doesn’t have a strong subject line. This is the game-changer part in the email marketing that could either drive the receiver to become a customer or, for worse, push them to delete the email or even report it as spam.

When you’re presenting a solution in the subject line as per the problems of your customers, they’ll likely benefit from it and open it. If you provide evidence that makes them tick, they might fear missing out on the opportunity. If you need inspiration, there’s a lot on the internet.


2. Get The Preview Text Right

So, when you’re constructing the subject line, you need to add a robust pretext that attaches to your subject line. It should tell the readers about the email’s context. It should intrigue the readers to open the email. Instead of giving the instructions about the email, you need to craft this part exceptionally well within 35-140 characters. Just make sure it responds to the users’ benefit.


3. Follow A Logical ‘Web’ Order

Even though you’re writing for your prospects, it’s essential to write marketing emails similar to those of the web copies. You need to follow a logical order and keep the paragraphs short and precise.

While one of the paragraphs will the main piece, position it carefully in an email. You can even add subheadings and bullet points to make your content easy to skim.


4. Avoid Using Shouting CAPS

CAPS and excessive use of exclamation marks in the subject or email body put your email on the bad end of reputation. Most of the time, CAPS appear to scream at your audience, rushing them into something they want or not.

Given that reason, using this kind of textual content adds the possibility of spam and your open email rate gets hurt. And if the subscribers report you, the overall email operation could get blacklisted by the service you’re using.


5. Know Your Customers

Before you hit the send button, did you consider to whom you’re sending these emails? Getting to know your customers is the first thing you should keep in mind as it helps generate relevant content and boost conversions.

From your social media, website analytics, and interactions, create customer databases. Once you know them, everything becomes comfortable that the readers would want just to click.


6. Make It For The Readers’ Eyes

We wrote that your content should be for the web; its primary intent should be focused on the readers. No one likes receiving emails from robots. For that reason, avoid cold pitching and warm things up with the personalized conversation as if you’re talking to the person sitting across the table.

Just keep one thing in mind; keep the conversation entertaining throughout. You being a bore won’t help if your readers aren’t convinced of your stories, imagination, ideas, and personal anecdotes.


7. Use Consumer Psychology

Human psychology gives clues about customer minds if you’re into selling. The brains react and predictable outcomes come as a positive sign for high-converting email copies.

It could be a sense of urgency, colors, images, personalization and social proof, among many other factors that can move the consumer into thinking about his decision.


8. Be Relevant

No, don’t give them that robot-generated text; they’ll probably loathe it. Forming a customer base will allow you to create relevant content as per the types of customers included in your base.

Sending relevant emails will allow users to open them and interact with the content. They’ll know what they’re dealing with and how you provide them value.


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