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7 Ways To Stretch Your Social Media Budget And Gain Awesome Impact On Your ROI!

Let’s face it; the modern social media budget is anything but cheap on the common man’s pocket. The social media budget for any good campaign is in hundreds of dollars and with more than a couple channels to brand upon, you are stuck with a limited budget for massive campaigns.

So here is our list of solutions to this problem, you can find a few good ways to use your budget effectively and get the social media impact that you need with these strategies


1. Understand Budgeting In Social Media

There’s no such thing as an actual competition on social media. Your competitor has a different parameter of success based on their target audience and geographical location. That is both a favor and a challenge because now you have to develop a campaign based on your target audience, location, budget, and ROI expectations.

Remember that there is no such thing as a free content strategy; even organic content needs a budget for content development and graphic designing, so be realistic in your original content ideas.


2. Know Your Target Audience

Audience research is not too important in conventional marketing. You are making a TV ad that the whole world is watching, so you will make one that will be interesting in general. Online content is opposite to that as it needs to be developed according to the target audience.

Reading and watching content on your phone or laptop is a private experience, so you need to choose a small list of the target audiences. Now you will cater your content to that audience alone as that is the best way to avail your full ROI.


3. Make Your Content Relatable!

In continuation of our last point, your content needs to be highly personalized to make an impact on your viewer. You need to find jokes, food for thought, and other similar features in everything that you express.

That is the only way to ensure that your audience finds your ads, graphics, and other content useful.


4. Social Media Boosting Is Good!

Social media boost is a useful feature that is available in most social media channels. Rather than blindly throwing money at content that is not generating any leads, see which content is being picked up by the audience.

If the content is already getting a lot of attention, then merely boosting it through small push is an excellent way to get a good ROI in limited time. You know that the content will be received well and boosts are cheap, $10 will get you a 1000 people exposure.


5. Zero-Waste Content Strategy Rocks!

Every content strategy becomes a content mill eventually. When a brand has been developing content for half a decade, then its content archive looks like a massive data dump. Rather than wasting your time gaining new content, make use of your archived content; rewrites are much cheaper, so get good content from two years ago rewritten.

Or repost and reshare your old graphics or relaunch the content strategy rather than wasting precious resources devising new content strategies.


6. High-Quality Media Always!

In the online world, quality over quantity is a supreme rule. Make sure that the content you create is engaging and is picked up by your audience. You have to have high-quality photography equipment and your video and content quality has to speak for itself.


7. The Experiments Are Good!

Out with the old and in with the new always. Make sure that you try new things unless you are recycling your old content. Otherwise, it will be pointless to post new content as your audience won’t be able to differentiate.

Have strategy launch anew with a new campaign as diversity will also allow you to understand how to make sure that you are gaining the right audience with the right content.

All in all, a proper curbing of your social media budget requires a deeper understanding of the content and how to manipulate existing content. Your tools are your friends, so lean on them and experiment a lot. Best of luck with your next social media campaign!


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